Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 Absolutely Rocks!

I don’t think I’ve been this blown away by a software demo in quite some time.

I actually had to take a minute and convince myself that the chalk drop wasn’t just a film of someone actually doing the test.  Now THAT’S good!

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HTC Evo vs iPhone 4

A must see!  Forgive the potty mouth.

YouTube Preview Image

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Still hate AT&T for those of you who were wondering.

Yup, hate them with a passion.  Too bad UVerse is better than that piece of shit TWCable.

Still, I think I’m going to dump them in favor of a good book.  Bastards.


Geekier Than I Should Admit

A colleague posted about needing a new TV, and another colleague jokingly asked “What’s that!?”.

Being the geek that I am, I show him how it was defined in my house. :)

function TV($WifeLocation) {
   switch ($WifeLocation) {
     case "Here":
       KidsLocation = "Reading a Book";
       TVContent = NULL;
       MeLocation = "With Kids";
     case "Out":
       if KidsLocation != "With Mom" {
         KidsLocation = "TV";
         TVContent = "Disney Movie";
         MeLocation = "Computer"; }
       else {
         MeLocation = "TV";
         $MovieList = ("Ninjas", "Jedi", "Cylons",
                     "KungFu", "Vulcans", "Poker");
         MoviePick = rand (0,5);
         TVContent = $MovieList[MoviePick];

Of course, I’m joking… Except for the part about Vulcans. I NEVER joke about Vulcans.


Dreamweaver CS4 Copy/Paste Bug Workaround

If you are working with Dreamweaver CS4 and find that you have weird select – copy – paste problems, then read on.

Ever been working in code view and find that trying to highlight and copy any text (either ctrl-c or right click>copy) suddenly results in the entire page or code block you are working in being selected?   Yeah, me to – and it has made me FURIOUS, going on 3 or 4 months now.

The only way I was able to get it to STOP doing that was to click somewhere in the code editor and make a change in the doc – like clicking Enter to make a new blank line and then deleting it again.  Once the file was “touched” like that, copy again worked correctly.   While this worked, it was EXTREMELY annoying, because it happened every single time I opened a bit of code that I wanted to grab a snippet from.  Constantly clicking and making changes in files that I really didn’t want to change, only to start forgetting which ones I really wanted to save…  Oh, how I loathed the day I upgraded from CS3!

Well, I’m glad to announce that I found a way to fix the stupid problem – not permanently – but at least I don’t have to use the stupid file change method anymore.

It appears that the problem is due to “workspace” issues.  A CS4 Workspace is essentially a screen layout configuration that you can customize and save and return to at any point.  For example, you may want certain windows open when you are writing your code, and other windows open when you are debugging the code, etc.  CS4 ships with several neat Workspaces out of the box – I’ve primarily used the “Dual Screen” workspace for most of my time in the app.  Well apparently something in the Workspace config gets borked and causes this problem.

To Fix the Problem:

  • First, select the “Classic” Workspace and let the windows reconfigure themselves.  The easiest way to do this is to select a new Workspace from the upper right hand side of the top of your Dreamweaver window, as seen below.

Dreamweaver Workspaces

Its Easy to Change your Workspace

  • Second, change back to your preferred workspace (like “Dual Screen” in my case) and the problem will be gone!

Now, be advised that it may show up again in a few weeks or a few days, or never – I don’t know.  It doesn’t seem to be consistent – but it will at least give you some peace while you try to bang out that next web masterpiece.

A final thought – it may even work to select the Reset option – seen above as “Reset ‘Dual Screen'”, but I haven’t tested that myself personally.  Drop a note if it you try that and works for you!

Happy coding! :)


Is this the Missing Link?

Moving everything to the cloud (G Apps) allows us to untether from the aged shackles of being tied to a single machine.  It also allows us to take all of our information with us wherever we go, ala the Nexus One and other Android type devices.

But, what about when we return home?  While having everything with me wherever I go is extremely convenient and computing power is now optional, I much prefer my overly large LCD monitor to the 3″ screen of my cell phone.  Clearly the cloud is the long term answer – it won’t matter where I am and what device I’m using, everything is there with me.

But until the time of full deliverance, there is always that subset of information that is resident ONLY on the device I’m actually using.  In a mobile world, that is often on my cellphone.

Maybe the REDFLY Mobile Dock (aka Moab) is the missing link.  Now, all my data is securely in the cloud, it comes with me in my pocket wherever I go, and when I’m finally home I can sit comfortably at my desk in relative ergonomic comfort compared to the all too typical marathon Crackberry session where I inadvertently morph into the unholy offspring of Quasimodo and Mr. Magoo.

Maybe the Moab is a transitory thing.  Maybe it is the start of something new that helps morph mobile, desktops, tablets and MID’s.  If nothing else, its great to see someone understanding that our current pocket gadgets can learn a thing or two from the trusty laptop – going from mobile to dock with relative ease is a very nice feature indeed.

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Quote of the Day

It is always easier to fight for ones principles than to live up to them.

- Alfred Adler

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