WYSIWYG Post Control for WordPress

OK, so I’m a big fan of WordPress, as most of you know by now.  I switched to it just a few months ago after doing an exhaustive search for a better platform than Blogger, which was really starting to drive me crazy.

Since then, Blogger has gotten a bit worse – timing out with comments and image uploads, etc.  All this was much to the annoyance of my family (specifically one person that shall remain nameless but whose initials are Michael Milo…) and therefore, was much to the annoyance of ME. :)  So, I’ve started doing a wholesale move of people from Blogger to WordPress based blogs, all hosted on Miloco servers.

One problem though – the standard WP post control is really a no-frills kind of a thing.  Most importantly, it’s not very intuitive when it comes to uploading images.  So, given that I would be moving at least 3 more blogs over to WP – blogs that are primarily used by people who don’t want to be bothered with the foibles of technology – I wanted to use a post control that was a little more user friendly.  Enter WYSI-Wordpress.

It’s essentially a “few-frills” replacement for the default WYSIWYG editor – most importantly, it includes an integrated photo upload option that provides a number of ways to easily include pictures in your posts. It even has automatic thumbnail creation based upon your size specification.  Very slick.

While it does include a neat little dictionary.com lookup button, I do wish it contained a full spellcheck option.  MS Word has ruined me for ever being able to spell on mie own. :P  But, that’s a wishlist, not a complaint.

This little exercise touches on two of the major reason why I choose WordPress – 1) plugins and 2) an active user community.  I really didn’t want to develop this component myself and with the WP user base, I didn’t have to.  All it took was a 5 minute Google search to lead me to a couple of different options before I finally settled on this one.  Problem solved!

Kudos to Joe Schmoe of Mudbomb for the plugin!


Just as I finished posting this, I noticed that WP has a spell checker set for it’s 2.1 release.  Of course, if you use this new plugin I’m talking about above, you won’t have access to that.  Choices, choices.  Hopefully Mr. Schmoe will update WYSI-Wordpress to accomodate the new checker. ;)

4 Responses to “WYSIWYG Post Control for WordPress”

  1. Linoge says:

    Thankfully, the same thing exists for MovableType as well, and let me tell you that I have absolutely loved it… It is amazing how bare-bones the interfaces are for some blog-publishing systems.

  2. Michael Milo says:

    Hey it’s not my fault you are the resident techno guru in our family! My job is to draw stuff and come up with cool names and ideas for things, and your job is to get it seen by people and organize the mess I create while doing that! I is not so smart at the things you do!

  3. Michael Milo says:

    Just thought I’d mention a cool plug-in for Firefox called Performancing. With it you can right-click anywhere ona web page and select Performancing and when you let go a double paned window comes up in your browser allowing you to blog about the page with it sitting right there in front of you. No more forgetting wehat exactly that guy said on his website that so inspired you to post about it. Now you can see it all at the same time. Neat lil’ plug-in if you ask me!

  4. Andrew Milo says:

    Linoge – very true – it was really a close call between MT and WP. What made me choose one over the other was really just timing. Right about the time that I was choosing, they came out with WP 2.0 – so I really dove into it to check it out. I liked what I found, and decided to go with it. MT would have been just as good… I do like the Multi-blog capabilities of MT – but I like the Theme capabilities of WP. In the end, they both beat the crap out of blogger. :)

    And Mikey, thanks for the plugin info! I’m gonna check it out! Hehe – also, you hardly bugged me at all about the blog. But, you’ve taught me well – why let the facts get in the way of a good ribbing? :D hehehe *SMOOCH*

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